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How to Fly a Single Line Kite in 3 Easy Steps !!!

   Visit our store in Old Sacramento for an even larger selection of Kites, Toys, Puzzles, Games, Flags, Windsocks, Gifts & more !!!


11 AM to 6:30 PM
Look for our big YELLOW sign at 1017 Front Street in Old Sacramento
 Ph# 916-446-7575

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Geek Out ! Party Game
** Geek Out!™ is the outrageous game that finds out once and for all which player is the most knowledgeable about your favorite pop culture subjects!
** You don’t have to be a geek (but it helps!) to win this amazing social interaction and bluffing party game of geek lists!
** Ages 10 & up

Geek Out ! Pop Culture Party Game
** Geek Out!™ Pop Culture Party™ Edition A New Edition of the “Out-Geek” Your Friends Party Game!
** You don't have to be a pop culture expert (but it helps!) to win this fun social interaction and bluffing game of pop-culture geek lists!
** Ages 10 & up

Tantrix Match Puzzle Game
** Fit the tantrix pieces onto the wooden board according to the pattern
** The high quality wooden board makes game play easy and fun
** A great family game - For players 3 and up

Pentago CE Game
** Pentago is a fast and fun strategy game that is both simple and sophisticated at the same time
** The object of the game is to create a row of 5 marbles, but that when the twist comes in... with each move you also twist a block for a perpetually changing play board
** Pentago is a multiple award winning two player game, that is challenging and fun for both kids and adults
** Fun for beginners and masters alike!
** Children will gain spatial orientation, eye-hand coordination, logic and problem-solving abilities with this mind-twisting game
** Comes with a handy travel case

3D Winter Welcome Penguin Windsock
** 50" Long x 24" Wide
** Perfect As A Winter Holiday Decoration For Indoors Or Out
** A Unique & Whimsical 3D Design
** Made Of Weather Resistant 100% Fabric

"Happy Holidays" Presents Flag
** NEW !!!
** Sheer Fabric With 3D Decorations !!!

** 28" Wide X 40" Long
** Artwork By Pat Browne
** Perfect As A Christmas Holidays Decoration For Indoors Or Out


Jolly Santa With "Seasons Greetings" Flag
** 28" Wide X 40" Long
** Perfect As A Christmas Holidays Decoration Indoors Or Out


Prism Stowaway Diamond Kite with Line Included
** Quick and easy assembly: Just let the rods spring into their connectors
** Packs up tiny for easy travel
** Classic design with modern materials and technology
** Three beautiful fractal-based designs
** Ready to fly with a colorful 2-part matching tail, flying line, winder and compact travel case

Prism Designs EO Atom Cellular Kite with Line Included
* Unique design pops open ready to fly, no assembly required
* Flies stable as a balloon or does playful tumbling tricks with a tug of the line
* Relaunches from any ground position
* Wide wind range
* Ready to fly with 200’ x 20 lbs Dacron flying line, travel clasp, line winder and instructions.

Jazz With Line & Wrist Straps
** All Skill Level Stunt Kite
** 55" Wingspan
** Wind Range: 5 To 25 MPH
** Hybrid Carbon / Fiberglass Frame
** Ready-To-Fly Package Includes: 55# Test x 85 Feet Lines, Winder, Flight Straps & Travel Case

Jackite Bird Kites
The Osprey, Falcon & Eagle are popular options as a natural scarecrow or try any of the ducks or geese as a decoy for hunting.

UFO-SAM W/ Line Included
** Rotary Or Turbo Style Spinning Kite
** Spins To Create Lift & Attracts Birds
** Popular As A Decoy For Hunting Ducks & Geese
** Wind Range: 8 To 25 MPH
** Line & Handle Included