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How to Fly a Single Line Kite in 3 Easy Steps !!!

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11 AM to 6:30 PM
Look for our big YELLOW sign at 1017 Front Street in Old Sacramento
 Ph# 916-446-7575

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Mini Diamond Kite with Line Included
** Quantity discounts - The more you buy, the more you save! - Check it out on the detail page **

42 inch DLX Delta Kite with Line Included
** Colorful printed nylon with a fiberglass airframe
** 100 ft. flying line with handle included
** Wind Range: 5 to 20 MPH


Prism Triad Box Kite with Line Included
** This magical little single-line box kite flies stable like a traditional kite, or tug on the string and watch it tumble and dance like an easy-to-fly fighter
** Fly it till you decide not to and then watch it tumble down magically, end over end, swooping and diving till you straight-line it back into the wild blue with a tug
** It's small enough to take everywhere, any kid of any age can fly it, so if you want to put a grin on their face, give 'em a Triad
** And if you REALLY want to dazzle, tie several to the same line and watch, entranced, as they dance together in the sky
** Ready to fly with 100 ft. of line included in a compact travel case

Prism Stowaway Diamond Kite with Line Included
** Quick and easy assembly: Just let the rods spring into their connectors
** Packs up tiny for easy travel
** Classic design with modern materials and technology
** Three beautiful fractal-based designs
** Ready to fly with a colorful 2-part matching tail, flying line, winder and compact travel case

Prism Stylus Dual-Line Power Foil
** 2 Line Control For High-Speed Loops & Dives & Radical Aerobatics
** Ready To Fly With Spectra Lines, Winder & Complete Instructions

Pumponator Balloon Pumping Station
** Pumponator Balloon Pumping Station is designed to make filling balloons with water as well as air so easy.
** Whether you are competing or just having fun in the backyard, you will love the Pumponator.
** It is simple, easy to use and portable.
** You can take it with you camping, football games, parties or anywhere you want to have water balloon fun.
** Just fill the container with water and go!
** No more frustration with the runaway water hose or blowing up balloons until you are out of breath.

Yomega Raider Yo-Yo
** The Yomega Raider, arguably the most popular yo-yo in the world today, as well as the yo-yo of choice by National and World Champions, is a force to be reckoned with.
** A bearing system engineered to provide the ultimate in response.
** Recommended for intermediate and advanced level players.


Rainbow Ribbon Dancer
** Brightly Colored Ribbon On A Fiberglass Wand
** Popular For Gymnastic Routines And Creative Playing

San Francisco Giants Windsock

** 57" Long
** Great as a Decoration Indoors or Out
** Decorated with Team Colors & Logo
** with a Swivel Clip for Easy Display

Peacock and Paisley Solar Windsock
** Features a small solar panel on top
** LED light on inside charges during the day & will illuminate in the evening
** Made of colorful & weather resistant fabric
** 8" wide x 54" long with a swivel clip for easy display

Its 5 O
** Features a small solar panel on top
** LED light on inside charges during the day & will illuminate in the evening
** Made of colorful & weather resistant fabric
** 8" wide x 54" long with a swivel clip for easy display

Color Burst Spinning Flower Kinetic Garden Stake
** Add some color and movement to your outdoor space with this uniquely crafted garden stake
** The blades of the flower will spin whenever a breeze blows through your yard, adding an eye catching bit of spiraling movement to your yard
** Made of durable & weather resistant metal & easily stakes into the ground
** Approximate dimensions are 15.75" x 2.5" x 44"